Most of this neighbourhood is well-off, but Saltonstall and High Streets deserve the most attention. Perched terrace-like atop South Hill, overlooking campus and the river, these two brick streets are a full sixty feet wide and lined with fine shade trees. Mansions of Georgian/Federalist design, once mill-owner homes, line both sides of both streets from Boundary to Garrison. The houses are placed side by side, uniformly twelve feet back from the brick side-walk. A small ‘green easement’ four feet wide lies between the sidewalk and the street.

There is little space between the houses, although a few sport small gardens on the side. Descendants of the original families still own a few homes; university folk now own many of the houses. A few more have been purchased by organisations. Some are boarding houses or apartments. No commercial buildings stand in this area.

Police patrols here are frequent; loitering, particularly after dark, is not permitted.

Houses along narrower Pickman Street are of an earlier, more modest vintage. Here are numerous two and three-story gambrel-roofed houses, mostly of wood, and many have been divided into apartments. Some are hidden behind other houses, reachable only by narrow alleys.

Several older Georgian mansions stand out. Residents here include poorer faculty and older university students. These buildings are generally well maintained.

A few Georgian homes occur on Miskatonic and Washington Streets but much of this area was built up in the later nineteenth century, and consists of larger Victorians owned by middle-class property owners and professionals. Some old Arkham families thrive here.

Hill Street is unlit and little lived-on. Houses here are ancient, tottering affairs, sagging under moss-grown gambrel and gable roofs. Some stand vacant; most are without electricity, gas or town water. The dirt street is underlain by timbers laid down lifetimes ago.
Old, disused farm buildings can be seen, half-fallen and overgrown; hidden among luxurious trees and high-standing grasses are long abandoned gardens and the remains of old family plots. This area has yet to be developed. Residents get water from wells scattered along the street.

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Shades of Arkham Skampaw