The ground in this part of town slopes up more or less steadily from the river until cresting along Derby Street.

Derby and Curwen Streets, particularly near the intersection of Brown and Jenkin, boast a number of large Georgian, Classical, and Victorian mansions. Most have large yards, often enclosed by stone walls, and iron gates; estates along the north side of Derby may have extensive grounds.

South of Curwen Street begins a commercial and financial area containing many professional offices. Landmarks include the seven-story Tower Professional Building, the Boston & Maine rail station, and Arkham’s two newspapers, the Gazette and the Advertiser.

Along High Lane, stretching north out of town, is a small industrial strip home to a few, small factories, but in part abandoned.

Known locations within the neighbourhood of Northside :

Arkham Advertiser – 389 W Armitage Street


Shades of Arkham Skampaw