Character Creation

To create your investigator, please do the following :

  • In the ‘Characters’ tab, click on the ‘Create New Character’ button
  • In the NPC section there is a ‘Blank Character Sheet’ entry.
  • In edit mode, copy the structure within the ‘Description’ and ‘Bio’ sections into your newly created character.

Then follow the 6 steps below : (if you have any questions, post your query on the forum and I’ll respond asap!)

Note – A dice roller is provided at the top of the page (the icon of the two dice)

1. Determine Characteristics

Characteristic Name Roll Description
STR Strength 3d6 Muscle power
CON Constitution 3d6 Health, vigour and vitality
POW Power 3d6 Force of will and aptitude for magic
DEX Dexterity 3d6 Speed, nimbleness and physical flexibility
APP Appearance 3d6 Attractiveness and friendliness
SIZ Size 2d6+6 Height and weight
INT Intelligence 2d6+6 Learning, remembering, analysing and awareness
EDU Education 3d6+3 Formal and factual knowledge, and years studied
SAN Sanity POW x5 Strength of mind and resistance to madness

2. Determine Characteristic Rolls

Idea = INT x5
Luck = POW x5
Know = EDU x5

Damage Bonus = SIZ + STR (check result against table below)

STR + SIZ Damage Bonus
2 to 12 -1d6
13 to 16 -1d4
17 to 24 +0
25 to 32 +1d4
33 to 40 +1d6
41 to 56 +2d6
57 to 72 +3d6
73 to 88 +4d6

99 Minus Cthulhu Mythos = 99

3. Determine Derived Characteristic Points

Hit Points = (CON + SIZ) /2 rounded up
Magic Points = POW
Sanity Points = SAN

4. Determine Occupation and Skills

Yearly Income and Property = 1d10 (check result against table below)

d10 Roll Yearly Income Property and Assets
1 $1,500 plus room and board $7,500
2 $2,500 $12,500
3 or 4 $3,500 $17,500
5 $4,500 $22,500
6 $5,500 $27,500
7 $6,500 $32,500
8 $7,500 $37,500
9 $10,000 $50,000
10 $20,000 $100,000

Property and Assets
One tenth is banked as cash.
One tenth is in stocks and bonds, convertible in 30 days.
The remainder is a house, car or whatever else is appropriate for the character.

Choose Occupation (see Wiki page for list of Occupations)

Occupation Skill Points = EDU x20
Allot these points only to the eight or so skills listed for the occupation.
Check the skill list (in the Wiki) as some skills already have a starting number of points. Allocated skill points are added to this starting number.
You can have 99 points per skill.
You do not have to allocate points to all skills.

Personal Interest Points = INT x10
Investigators have hobbies.
Allocate these points to ANY skills from the skill list, except Cthulhu Mythos.

5. Determine Weapons and Equipment

6. Determine Additional Background

Sex of the investigator : Male or Female
Specify Name
Age : Minimum Age = EDU x6
Colleges, Degrees
Marks, Scars

Is the investigator in love? Betrothed? Married? Are there children? Lost loves? Were there tragedies?
What schools were attended? What friendships formed?
Did the investigator have military experience? When? Where? What happened? Who were friends? Were medals earned or mentions made in dispatches?
Who are the investigator’s family? What is their origin? Gradually come to know fathers, mothers, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins etc living or dead.
What is the investigator like? Quiet, rowdy, lusty, stuffy, respectable, brilliant, erratic, mystical, charitable, money-grabbing, short, dark, tall, pale, good-looking, ugly, plain, dowdy, elegant, punctilious, frenzied, chivalric, nervous, intellectual, brawny, muscle-bound, vigorous, mousy, courteous, impulsive, excitable, foolish, bald, bearded, thin, crippled, hairy, sleek, or something entirely different?

Character Creation

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