Fraser Ford


Name : Fraser Ford
Occupation : Journolist
Colleges, Degrees :
Birthplace : Boston
Mental Disorders :
Sex : Male
Age : 28


15 13 13 14 11 11 15 14 14 65
Ideas Luck Know
75 65 70
Damage Bonus 99 – Cthulhu Mythos

Hit Points, Magic Points and Sanity

HP Max HP Current MP Max MP Current Sanity Points
14 13 65

Investigator Points 280 (allocated)
Personal Interest points 150 (allocated)

Journolist Skills

  • Fast Talk : 65%
  • History : 40%
  • Library Use : 50%
  • Own Language : 70%
  • Persuade : 65%
  • Photography : 60%
  • Psychology : 55%
  • Martial Arts : 26%

Secondary Skills

  • Conceal : 25%
  • Disguise : 21%
  • Dodge : 38%
  • Handgun : 40%
  • Hide : 40%
  • Listen : 35%
  • Locksmith : 41%
  • Sneak : 40%


Melee % Damage Hands Range #Att HP
Fist 50% 1d3+DB 1 Touch 1 N/A
Grapple 25% Special 2 Touch 1 N/A
Head 10% 1d4+DB 0 Touch 1 N/A
Kick 25% 1d6+DB 0 Touch 1 N/A
Firearm % Damage Malf Range #Att Shots HP

Income and Savings

Income : $4,500 / Year
Cash on Hand :
Savings :
Personal Property : $22,500 Apartment
Real Estate :

Adventuring Gear & Possessions

Mythos Tomes Read

Magical Artifacts/Spells Known

Artifacts Spells

Fraser was born in a homestead on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts in 1899 to Scott Ford and Emily Potter. Scott and his family originally hailed from Fife, Scotland but Scott made the move as he was being perused by some rather persistent creditors. Scott took on a job as a type setter for the Boston Herald to make ends meet whilst Emily did her best selling ointments for a variety of ailments.

Fraser would often spend time in the printing room where his father worked so he may run errands for his mother in collecting ingredients and delivering orders whilst her mother brewed her cures at home.

Whilst not receiving much in the way of schooling (as he was home taught by his mother) Fraser would relay what he saw around town to the gossip columnists to earn a dime so he might try and help out as he could with the family’s income (though would often be found in the fairs and arcades whenever he could).

By the time he was in his 20’s Fraser was writing the racing results for the paper and would pester the editor for a chance to write a real story, for Fraser had a knack of picking up gossip and finding leads to scoop stories but was having trouble in getting the credit when they came to be published.

The Editor keen to get rid of him (at least out of his office) told him to investigate a few strange letters from a reader in Arkham. He said he should contact Joe Diamond, a local PI who the paper would occasionally use to get him started.

That was 2 weeks a go and in that time Fraser had gotten settled but yet to get his big scoop…

Fraser Ford

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